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Windows are one of the most important features of any home. It is estimated that the number of windows can actually exponentially increase the sale of your home. However, there are important things to consider when it comes to looking out for your windows. Dickson Contractors has been helping replace windows in Des Plaines, for over 30 years. We have the knowledge and the experience you need in order to make sure that your windows are installed correctly, work properly, and give you the best warranty in the business. When you rely on Dickson Contractors, you know you are relying on the best.

Window Styles:

Your first step when deciding which windows are best for your home is by laying out what type of windows you need. Determining what type of window you need is also determinate of where you are going to be installing your windows. There are 100’s of different kinds of windows you can choose from, however, here are the 9 most common:

  1. Single Hung Windows: Also another common option among homeowners. These work like double hung windows, however on the bottom can open while the top part never moves.
  2. Casement Windows: These windows usually operate by turning a crank, and they open outward.
  3. Picture Window: These are large and typically picture windows do not move but are designed to be elegant and will let in the maximum amount of light into a room.
  4. Transom Window: These small narrow windows are usually mounted above something in order to let in more light to the room.
  5. Awning Windows: Much like what they are named after, awning windows open outward from the left or right, top or bottom.
  6. Bay Windows: Bay windows are designed to jut out from your home in order to give you more internal space. These windows can also come with different options like a casement window or just a stationary window.
  7. Slider Windows: Slider windows are becoming very popular in Des Plaines. These windows are positioned on a track and allow you to open the window horizontally over the other glass.
  8. Double Hung Windows: A very common type you will see where you can either open them from the top or the bottom. They stay within the framework, so there is nothing protruding from the home when they are open.

No matter which type of window you need, Dickson Contractors is on hand to help you! Call us now, and we can even help you decide which window is right for you, or come into our showroom today!

Different Types Of Windows

There are several different types of windows that you can buy these include:

  • Wood
  • Wood in aluminum interior
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass (composite)

Should I Repair or Replace My Window?

Dickson Contractors will always work with you in order to give you the best options when it comes to your windows. However, if your window is leaking, or cracked, or old and doesn’t match the house, you can have your windows repaired, or replaced. When it comes to deciding what is best for your home; ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your old windows sticking?
  • Are your old windows leaking?
  • Is there dry rot around the pane?
  • Is their chipped paint or wood around your windows?
  • Is it difficult to clean your windows, and after you are done so they still look dirty?

If you answered yes more than no to these questions, then it is time to seriously consider replacing your home’s windows.

Window Terminology

Dickson Contractors is dedicated to helping people make the right decisions for their home. That is why we take the time to work with you so you can choose what works best for you! When you are looking for the best window here is some terminology you might come across so you can better understand what window specialists are talking about:

Wrapping- This is the term used when it comes blending in your new window into the exterior of the home.

Argon-Argon is a gas that is forced in between the space of double window panes to help reduce the transfer of heat from the inside of your home to outside.

Krypton- Krypton is another gas that is forced between double pane windows and serves as an alternative to Argon

Triple Pane- This is the best style of window to have to prevent leaks. Single pane is the older windows; Double Pane is the most common.

R-Value- This is the measurement used to determine leaks that might occur in a window.

U Rating- This measures the amount of heat that materials will allow to transfer through the windows.

Pay special attention to U and R-value ratings. Make sure you ask about these two values before purchasing your new windows.


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