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Roof Repair & Maintenance

roof repair

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Roof Repairs & Maintenance


Is your roof having a particular leak issue? We can provide you with a complete
inspection to determine the cause of the leak and give you a written
estimate with a description of the work to be performed.
Dickson Contractors specializes in algae, lichen, and moss removal.


Is your roof approximately 5-18 years old? We will inspect your entire
roof and provide the necessary maintenance for your
chimneys, vents, soil stacks etc… for a flat fee. You can have this done annually or
semi-annually to ensure the proper protection to your home.
We will give you a free estimate with the solution to any
major problem that may be detected.

Make your home more efficient by calling for a FREE in-home estimate to inspect your roof!



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Roofing Services

roof repair

Roof Inspections & Roof Repair

If you are noticing your roof’s shingles losing granules, starting to buckle or curl, or the roof is missing shingles call Dickson today for a roof inspection & repair service.  

roofing materials available

Shingle Roofing

Our expert team of roofing contractors can provide shingle roofing repair and replacement. Learn More now. 

close up of cedar roof shingles

Cedar Shake Roofing

The natural beauty of Cedar Shake and shingles can only be imitated by the current
dimensional shingles available today. 

EPDM Flat Roof Hawthorn Woods

Flat Roof Service

Is your flat roof 8-12 years of age? We can provide you with a free roof inspection to assess whether we can increase the longevity of your existing roof by some minor repairs, maintenance, a seal coat application, or full replacement. 

Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation 

We can increase your ventilation in several ways with additional roof vents, a power roof vent (complete with thermostat
and humidistat), solar roof vent, or some continuous ridge vent.


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