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Roof Repair & Maintenance 

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Needed info for roofing, received 5* customer service from the girl Karen who answers the phone, very patient and able to answer all of my questions.

– Esteban

Roof Repairs & Maintenance


Is your roof having a particular leak issue? We can provide you with a complete
inspection to determine the cause of the leak and give you a written
estimate with a description of the work to be performed.
Dickson Contractors specializes in algae, lichen, and moss removal.


Is your roof approximately 5-18 years old? We will inspect your entire
roof and provide the necessary maintenance for your
chimneys, vents, soil stacks etc… for a flat fee. You can have this done annually or
semi-annually to ensure the proper protection to your home.
We will give you a free estimate with the solution to any
major problem that may be detected.

Make your home more efficient by calling for a FREE in-home estimate to inspect your roof!



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