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Roofing Hawthorn Woods

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience with roofing in the area, we are here to help you with general advice and information you should know when it comes to your roof. Dickson Contractors is here to help by working with you and providing you with the many important things you should know about your roof. We have been roof specialists, serving the Hawthorn Woods area since 1987!  That is why Dickson Contractors is the name people trust when it comes to roofing services in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.  There are many things that impact the life of your roof in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois ranging from; lifespan, to weather impacts, ventilation, and general wear and tear.

Roof Repair Hawthorn Woods

One of the most important things to remember is that if your roof has 3 layers, then you have to tear off the entire roof.  This is a state statute. According to Illinois, there are only 2 layers of roofing allowed. Therefore, if you have an older home it is important to know how many times the roof has been redone.

However, if you are under that threshold then you might be a candidate for roof repair instead of replacement.  While you can always choose to repair a roof yourself, it is better to rely on a professional roofing repair service in your area. They have the knowledge and experience to make sure the job is being done correctly and the repair will last well into the future.

There are three things you should take into account when determining if you should repair or replace your roof:

The timing of the project:  We know the brutal winters, Hawthorn Woods, can have therefore the time of season should also be a point of wondering whether you should repair or replace.  The best time for roof repair, replacement, or installation is March through November.

What the Repair Entails:  If the repair is only going to fix one problem, whereas replacement gives your home better safety, then always choose replacement every time.  It is important to make sure that your family and our belongings are safe for the future.  However, if it is a minor repair, that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your roof, then choose to repair the situation.  Whether you choose to repair your roof or replace it, trust a professional roofing service in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois to make sure the job is done accurately.

Cost v ROI:  Cost of the repair might be cheaper than replacing the whole roof. However, if you are considering moving soon or if you are looking at different roofing styles then the one you currently have, a new roof is actually more affordable because a new roof is a great selling point for your future home.

Signs Your Home Needs A New Roof

Your roof has wear and tear, and every roof needs replacing or work done.  Here are some signs that you should call Dickson Contractors today:

  1. Age: If your roof is at least 18 years old then you should call a professional roofing service to inspect your roof immediately.  After 18 years roofs start to break down and lose its ability to hold their integrity.
  2. Curled shingle edges: If you notice the edges of your shingles curling up, or if you notice the shingle tabs are cupped, then this is a good indication that you should consider getting your roof replaced.
  3. Moss: If you have a moss covered roof, even if you like the aesthetic look, you can be opening yourself up to more problems.  Moss in between the shingles can actually hold moisture which in turn will actually damage the roof more.  If you have moss growing on your roof, consider calling a professional roofing service to come out and inspect the problem.
  4. Cracked Shingles:  Along with missing shingles, curling shingles, cracked shingles are just as serious a warning sign that you should consider getting a roof replacement.
  5. Dark Streaks:  This is a sign of airborne algae that has started to grow on your roof.
  6. Bald Spots: If your roof has several bald spots, where there are missing shingles you should definitely consider getting a professional roofing service to come out and inspect your roof.
  7. Leaks:  If you notice, holes or leaks, in your roof, you should consider calling a professional roofing service to come and inspect your roof to make sure it is still safe.

Roofing Hawthorn Woods

Dickson Contractors is here for you.  Let us work with you and help you make those decisions for your home and family.  To read more about the different kinds of roofing, check out our menu at the top or contact us here now to start on the roofing service you need! Feel free to visit our Showroom where samples are on display. Dickson Contractors is here to serve all of your exterior home needs! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to view our latest projects. 

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