Our talented team of roofing contractors recently installed an all-new EPDM Rubberized Flat Roof and GAF Timberline HDz roof on a home in Prospect Heights, Illinois. In addition to the new roofing systems, we also installed customer metal chimney flashing and Airvent Slant back vents for better ventilation.

We are thrilled with how this project turned out!  Below are a couple of pictures of the finished project from the home in Prospect Heights.

What is an EPDM Flat Roof?

EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used on low-slope buildings and homes in the United States as well as worldwide. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene, and propylene are derived from oil and natural gas.

Homeowners with a flat roof contact us with tons of questions. When they ask about re-roofing the flat roof, many times they are thrilled to learn how effective EPDM is, and how affordable the installation and repair process is. The best part, EPDM roofs are virtually waterproof and are even fireproof!

Why You Should Consider GAF Timberline HDz Shingles

  • They are America’s #1 selling roof shingle
  • They come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and Feature the classic Natural Shadow effect for enhanced curb appeal.
  • These shingles are warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph.
  • Comes with a 25-year stain guard plus algae protection limited warranty
  • The Timberline HDz Shingles have a Class A fire rating (highest available rating)
  • Shingles Are made from Fiberglass Asphalt for added durability
  • They offer a 15-year limited wind warranty with now maximum wind speed limitation
  • Timberline Shingles can increase a home’s value by an average of 10%

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