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Dickson Contractors is the number one door service for residents and commercial businesses in Barrington Hills, Illinois. For over 30 years, we have worked in Barrington Hills, Illinois and look forward to serving homes and businesses with door services for another 30!  We bring our experience, passion, and knowledgeable expertise to every job we complete!  When you choose Dickson Contractors you choose to work with a service that is:

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Dickson Contractors is your number one choice for door installation, and door replacement. We offer free estimates and discounts to first responders and military veterans. Make sure your home is protected against the weather in Barrington Hills all year long with Dickson Contractors by calling:

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New Door Sales & Service in Barrington Hills

Purchasing doors for your home can truly be a fun and unique experience.  With so many different styles and accent features you can choose from, there are thousands of different types and options to choose from.  This is where Dickson Contractors can help.  Dickson Contractors has been helping people in Barrington Hills with their doors for over 30 years.  Here is some useful information about doors you should consider before making your next purchase.

Type of Door

When it comes to choosing the right door for your home there a few things you should consider.  Your first option depends on what kind of door style you want.  After you narrow this choice down the material of the door is a lot easier to decide.  There are many different door styles; these are the most common ones you will find in homes in Barrington Hills.

  1. Entry Doors: According to real estate agents, your front entry door can actually impact what you can sell your home for.  So if you have a new and updated entry door in Barrington Hills, you can command a better bottom dollar for your home then others in your neighborhood. Some additions you can add to your entry doors include leaded decorative glass and sidelights.
  2. Hinged Patio:  These doors are on a hinge that will swing outwards to your patio or backyard.  Typically they come with panels of glass as well.  This is a great modern update to the sliding patio door for your home.
  3. Sliding Patio:  These are the most common patio doors you will find in homes that are located in Barrington Hills.  These doors are on a track that slides from left to right or vice versa in order to exit onto your patio or backyard area.  These are often accompanied by a screen door as well.
  4. Storm Doors:  Meant to protect your outside doors from the elements.  Since we know the temperature and weather fluctuations in Barrington Hills can vary in the fall and spring, storm doors are a great way in order to protect your outside door from those changes.

Style of Door

Once you have decided where your door is going to be, and what type of door you are looking for you can narrow down the style of door that you want.  Door style depends on functionality and material so you can make the best choice for your home:

Steel Doors:  These doors are sturdy and have a great advantage because they are so low maintenance.  Most metal doors are truly affordable and provide a great seal from the weather outside.  One of the other advantages of steel doors is they won’t wear or get damaged as other materials from the weather outside.

Fiberglass Doors:  Commonly found in entryways, fiberglass doors give you the same benefit of steel doors, they are just not as tough.  One of the other advantage to fiberglass doors is that they can be made to have different patterns, and grains on them so they can mimic the look of a wood door.

Wood Doors:  These doors are widely used, especially for entry doors and interior doors.  One of the great advantages of using wood as a material for your door is that there are so many custom options available on how it looks and the different style it can be crafted to be used.

Panel Doors:  You can always make a door look more modern or give it a little something extra by adding panels to the door.  There are three common configurations for panel doors: 4, 6, or 8.

Dutch Doors:  Dutch doors are divided horizontally so that you can open the top half or the bottom half without opening the entire door. These types of doors are less common in Barrington Hills but can give your home a simple charm that’s unique on your block.

French Doors:  Also known as casement doors, these typically found inside the house or used as patio doors.  French doors are typically comprised of two doors on hinges so you can open both doors at the same time.  These also can upgrade your home and is a great option for separating two rooms in your home.



Regardless of what door style or makeup you are going for, Dickson Contractors is ready and on hand to help you.  Whether you are looking to replace your doors, we are the most trusted resource for doors in Barrington Hills.  We give your home the extra attention you need to make sure that your doors work properly and give you that custom look you are adding to your home. Contact us today to learn more about all the different styles of doors you can choose from!


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