In December, 2021 the team of roofing experts at Dickson Contractors completed the installation of an all custom copper flashing to a roof in Wilmette, Illinois. This project turned out to be a real show stopper! The added protection to this home’s roof added some serious curb appeal that will for sure be the envy of the neighborhood. 

What is Flashing?

  • Flashing is a cut-to-fit sheet metal material that is fastened under a roof’s shingles and other vulnerable roof areas. A home’s flashing works to prevent water from seeping into the roof’s decking, attic, and home.

Why Choose Copper Flashing

  • Copper is a beautiful, reliable, and long-lasting material that is commonly used for roof flashing.  
  • Copper flashing is easier to older than aluminum and provides more versatility and durability. 
  • Copper offers excellent resistance to UV light and humidity. 
  • Copper adds a timeless look to a home. 
  • Copper flashing will last up to 70-100 years. 

Learn more by contacting our team at Dickson Contractors today. We are proud to provide all exterior renovation needs including roofing, siding, windows, doors, and gutters in Wilmette, Illinois, and surrounding areas. 

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copper flashing near window on a home in wilmette
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